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Inpatient Addiction Recovery Programs

Alcohol and Drug Addiction ProgramsMy Recovery Helper connects you with inpatient addiction recovery programs across the country. All of our programs offer the most effective treatment available. By utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic techniques coupled with comfortable amenities, the programs you have access to through us have proven track records.

With many insurances you will find that health insurance covers much of the cost of treatment. We help you navigate insurance.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery Programs

Depending on your specific situation, treatment needs and payment options outpatient treatment may be the perfect solution for you. My Recovery Helper can place you in a high quality outpatient addiction recovery program.

All of our programs have no wait lists and you or your loved one will be in treatment in as little as 24 hours.

When drug addiction affects an individual it affects the person’s entire social circle. Family, friends, co-workers all know there is a problem. They want to help but don’t know where to turn. That is where My Recovery Helper comes in.

My Recovery Helper connects addicts and their loved ones with knowledgeable people, comprehensive resources and top of the line facilities.

Armed with knowledge and resources, you are now ready to make the best decision for your situation. As you get started on the road to recovery, you will begin to feel better and your family will be restored.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism is frustrating and scary for a family. usually the drinker is the last one to realize they need to get help. This can lead to years of false hopes and broken promises.

Despite how it currently feels to be involved with the disease of alcoholism there is hope, real solutions exist for these problems.

My Recovery Helper connects you with information, people and facilities that will make a real difference in your life. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day, with a friendly ear on the other end to help you on the journey to recovery.

Safe and Comfortable Medical Detox

Alcoholism can lead to physical addiction and dangerous detox symptoms. Alcohol detox should never be attempted at home. Our medical staff can safely administer medications which can ease withdrawal symptoms.

Our goal is to get you on the road to recovery.

We exist to connect individuals and their families to facilities that provide effective treatment for those suffering from addiction.

Right now it feels hopeless. Searching for alcohol and drug addiction programs is not a fun thing to do. Faced with many options, overwhelmed with a loved one who is addicted and being so unsure is stressful.

We understand what that is like and want to get you started on the road to recovery. Our wide network of providers allow us to best balance your medical needs, financial resources and personal wishes to tailor a treatment plan that works for you.

You only need to make one call to get access to all steps in the recovery process. We make it easy, give us a call – right now. We want to help.

Our professional staff of highly trained, drug addiction counselors, physicians, psychiatrists and therapists is dedicated to providing the best in patient care and effective treatment.

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Steps of Recovery
Addiction Intervention for Recovery


Utilize a trained professional to convince the person they need treatment now.

Medical Detox From Substances


Doctors and nurses help safely and comfortably remove the chemicals from your body.

Rehab and Recovery


Learn the reasons behind substance abuse and how to change your life for good.

Extended Recovery Programs


Build upon the strong foundation developed during the first steps of recovery.