Florida Alcohol Rehab

If you are looking for a Florida alcohol rehab center, we can help you find the program that will meet your unique needs. Our Florida facility is client and treatment focused. Meaning there are not massage therapists and spa like amenities. There is real treatment of the underlying causes of addiction. Call us today at 844.867.6835 to find out more about our Florida alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery hotlineAlcohol abuse can lead to many health risks, as well as complications with relationships, financial trouble, and other problems. If you or a loved one is in need of treatment for alcoholism, please contact us today. My Recovery Helper can help you find the treatment program that will help you take control over the alcoholism and get your life back again. Call 844.867.6835 now.

Benefits of Florida Alcohol Rehab

Florida rehab centers have a lot to offer. The climate is beautiful and provides individuals with warm days, sunny skies, and a tropical feel. Being a coastal state, Florida has miles and miles of beaches, and many clients find that recovery in an ocean side facility helps them relax and enjoy the experience. Lush vegetation and a welcoming atmosphere help promote a vacation-like feel.

Hundreds of thousands of Florida residents are impacted by alcoholismOf course, the therapy and philosophy of a treatment center are the most important components to any alcohol rehab program, and we at My Recovery Helper partner with facilities that offer the best programs in the industry. While there are many alcohol rehab programs in Florida, not all treatment facilities are alike. The individual’s addiction history, needs, and goals should all be taken into consideration when selecting a facility, as well as their desires and requests. The programming is often different between different facilities. Our Florida rehab centers each have unique programs and therapies, but they all put the client’s recovery first and provide the highest level of care.

Alcohol Detox

The first stage of alcohol rehab is detox. Our Florida detox facilities offer safe, structured care for those going through this sometimes dangerous step of recovery. While some individuals are able to safely detox from alcohol with minimal care, others require close medical supervision. My Recovery Helper is able to determine client’s needs, and connect them with a detox facility that will ensure their safety and the level of care they require.

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My Recovery Helper can help you find the Florida alcohol rehab program that is best for you. Contact us today at 844.867.6835 to find out how we can help.

Alcoholism Therapy

Once alcohol detox is complete, the individual will transition to therapy and rehab. The Florida treatment facilities we partner with use various proven methods that offer the best chance at success. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodrama therapy, music and art therapy, and family therapy are all common among Florida treatment centers. By employing the most skilled therapists, our treatment facilities can offer clients effective, compassionate care.

Aftercare for Alcoholism Treatment

An individual in rehab for alcoholism must expect the recovery process to be long and difficult, but with the right kind of help, it is possible to recover fully. In order to offer the best chance at success and to prevent relapse, our rehab facilities each have their own after care programs that keep the individual connected to the recovery community for support and motivation. Long term care and support are proven ways to promote lifelong sobriety and prevent relapse.

Florida has been known in recent years to have struggled with a prescription drug epidemic and the controversy over pill mill doctors and operators. However, Florida also has some state-of-the-art alcohol rehab centers, where individuals can go to take their life back from an addiction like alcoholism. Residents of Florida, or those that are simply looking for treatment here, can find that the treatment providers working in the state of Florida are some of the most dedicated, experienced providers there are.

Dangers of Alcohol Use

Florida, like every state, struggles with underage drinking, drinking and driving, binge drinking, and alcoholism. According to SAMHSA in 2012, the number of total alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in the state was 697, and 55 of those were underage drivers. SAMHSA also estimates that in 2011, the percentage of 12-20 year olds in Florida that consumed alcohol was 23.9, and 14.4 percent admitted to binge drinking in the past 30 days.

Hundreds of thousands of Florida residents are impacted by alcoholism. This disease threatens a person’s livelihood, their relationships, and their mental and physical health. Alcoholism is a disease that must be treated over an extended period of time, in order to allow the individual to heal and replace the addiction with positive behaviors. Alcohol rehab and treatment can help a person achieve sustained sobriety.

Acute Physical Effects:

  • Increased heart rate and skin temperature;
  • Impaired muscle control causing poor coordination, slurred speech, impaired motor skills;
  • Dizziness, vomiting, vision problems; and
  • Loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest and death.

Acute Effects on Mental Abilities:

  • Judgment is frequently the first mental capacity affected by alcohol. Poor decision making, rapid decision making, not being realistic in decisions is common;
  • Poor attention and concentration;
  • Loss of inhibitions-we say things or do things that we normally would not;
  • Exaggerated emotion (anger, fear, anxiety, sadness); and/or
  • Blackouts with loss of memory for events.

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Use:

  • Nutritional deficiencies effecting mental abilities;
  • Damage to physical organs including the brain, liver, heart, stomach;
  • Breakdown of bone and muscle tissue;
  • Memory loss or impairment;
  • Impaired attention and concentration;
  • Inability to get along with others;
  • Difficulty coping with school or employment demands; and/or
  • Alcohol withdrawal effects-tremors, excessive perspiration, hallucinations.