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Community Rehab is a progressive treatment center that helps clients become who they were designed to be. The staff and therapists at Community believe it is important to help clients embrace their individuality and to feel at home during rehab in order to facilitate recovery.

Located in Orange, California, Community Rehab makes use of the gorgeous West Coast climate while offering clients the best amenities, such as meals prepared by a professional chef. The treatment center is welcoming, and provides a safe environment in which to recover. Those who enter treatment at Community truly feel the support of those around them, and are encouraged to let their own individual interests shine through.

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Services Offered at Community

Community Rehab offers a variety of services, from interventions to detox and residential treatment. Each person’s treatment plan is customized to meet their individual needs, in order to offer the best options for recovery.

For families that struggle to get their loved one into treatment, intervention services are often beneficial. Community’s certified interventionists can help families during crisis situations or when they have simply had enough and want to get their loved one to accept treatment.

Community has a drug and alcohol detox program that allows clients to withdraw from their substance in a safe, dignified manner. Professional supervision is available 24 hours a day to keep clients comfortable and on the road to recovery.

After an individual has completed the detox program at Community, they are ready to enter residential treatment. During this time, the client is supported by the encouraging and professional staff, and given the foundation for living a sober life. While the person is in the residential program he or she will attend therapy sessions, where Community staff will provide education about addiction and lay the groundwork for relapse prevention.

The admission team at Community Rehab conducts complete assessments on all new clients, in order to determine the treatment plan that will best meet the person’s needs.

The Inpatient Treatment Program at Community consists of:

  • Psychological Assessment
  • Initial History and Physical Evaluation
  • Room and Board
  • Individualized Case Management
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Addiction Education
  • Medication Management
  • Recovery Focused Exercise and Group Activity
  • Experiential Training Aimed at Relapse Prevention
  • Discharge Planning for Long-Term Recovery

Recovery for Individuals

At Community, each person’s uniqueness is celebrated. The staff at this rehab center understands that each client comes to treatment with different interests and abilities, and these differences can be used to help with recovery. Community Rehab is relaxed about what clients can bring to treatment, and even allows things like pets, phones, and computers. The client’s comfort is a priority because it helps the individual feel more relaxed with his or her surroundings and with the treatment program.

Most importantly, the individual is valued and allowed to express himself at Community. According to Community staff, “We know that you have your own life to live. We just want to help you live that life to your fullest potential.”

A Positive Recovery Community

An important part of recovery is the encouragement and support of those surrounding the individual. The Community team of staff and clients work together to promote healthy living, and can be counted on to lend a helping hand to those that need encouragement. Family is welcome to visit and to learn about their loved one’s recovery so that they can be supportive after treatment is complete.

The purpose of Community Rehab is to help individuals transition from a life dependent on substances to an independent life that is lived to its fullest. The goal is not to change who the person is deep down, but to help the client understand himself and live up to his potential.

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